Literacy learning at Lynbrook Primary School is based on the Victorian Curriculum areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing.


We recognise that Speaking and Listening (Oral Language) is the foundation for the development of literacy skills and is a component in all subject areas.


We acknowledge that Reading is a fundamental skill in lifelong learning and that success in Reading is measured by the effectiveness with which the reader interprets the meaning of the text.  The key components of our reading approach are:

  1. Oral Language
  2. Phonological Awareness – the sounds of the language that we speak
  3. Phonics – matching the sounds of the language to letters
  4. Fluency – the ability to read the words automatically so that the meaning can be attended to
  5. Vocabulary – how words are used to provide meaning
  6. Comprehension – making meaning from a variety of texts


We follow the “Read Write Inc” synthetic phonics program to support Literacy in Prep to Grade 2 and use the language of the program as a basis for the teaching of spelling from Grade 3 to Grade 6 using the "SMART Spelling" approach.


In Writing, we teach a range of different writing types (Recount, Narrative, Exposition, Poetry, Information Report, Explanation) through an approach called “Talk for Writing”.  This focuses first on oral language and developing understanding of how language is used, before moving on to learning how to use those features in their own writing.