Haiku Poem


Grade 4A ‘Spring’ Haiku


Spring comes in every year

Spring is a wonderful season

Flowers grow in Spring


Flowers bloom in Spring

Flower petals open up

Next flowers will die


Flowers bright at night

Barbecues are nice in Spring

Trees and leaves are pretty


Pollen buds are awesome

Blooming flowers everywhere

Babies live in caves


Spring is beautiful

Butterflies are amazing

Bees collect pollen


Spring is nice and warm

Nature is too beautiful

Enjoy this season


26 thoughts on “Haiku Poem

  1. Nice job everyone! Your Haiku poems are great!
    Thanks, Miss Arnold for posting the poems and teaching us Haiku poems!
    Great job! I’m just speechless!

  2. Fantastic work everyone. You did an amazing job at working together to produce an outstanding Haiku!!
    Very proud!!
    Miss Arnold.

  3. I love that you guys and girl put a great amazing outstanding amount of effort in the well everything I loved it so much I’m speechless like anvi

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