The Excursion to Polly Woodside

At 6:30 in the morning, I got up and got ready for the excursion to Polly Woodside. It was 8:15 when I left to go to the train station. It was raining so Mum drove me to the station and walked me the rest of the way. It was finally time to get on the train.

I stood next to Anabel. It was packed. Poul was kind enough to offer his seat to me half way there. We stopped at many stations, such as Dandenong and Springvale, but we got off at Southern Cross. It took a whole hour to get there! We walked to very interesting places. When we got there, we stopped to have a snack.

On the Polly Woodside we did lots of cool things like steering the ship and scrubbing the deck. When we scrubbed the deck, I got very wet. After we got off the Polly Woodside we earned certificates. Then we left to have lunch. I had a vegemite sandwich.

We left to go the National Gallery of Victoria at Federation Square, where we saw indigenous artwork. It was fun (but hard) choosing a painting. Shortly afterwards it was time to say goodbye. We all played games and had fun on the train to Lynbrook. I happily hugged my mom and we sadly said goodbye to the teachers.

By Abby Pollard 4B