The Grade 6 Hub was full of imagination today (Wed 29th April) when we had an Author visit us, tell stories and write with us.

Hendre Roelink has been using storytelling as an educational medium in Victorian Primary Schools for over 20 years and has developed successful and engaging Storytelling Sessions, Creative Writing Workshops & Artist in Residencies for all year levels from Prep to Year 6.

Hendre holds a unique position as a storyteller as he creates and tells his own stories, that are not only gripping and entertaining but also give students an insight into his vivid imagination and creativity.

The Grade 6 students were engaged, enthralled and enthused to listen and work with Hendre. They were exposed to many stories and jokes and then worked on narrative writing in either a workshop or writing session. These stories were shared and applauded. 

It was a morning/ early afternoon full of listening, speaking, writing and sharing.