Remembrance Day 2014

On the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, we will remember them. 

Today, 4A discovered what is was like to be apart of the Great War. We reflected on the ANZACs experience and imagined what it would’ve been like for the families at home waiting for any word from their loved ones overseas.

Each student pretended to be a solider fighting overseas and wrote a letter home to their loved ones.



Dear my family,

I’ve finally landed in the middle of the war I’m going really well we are together with the new Zealand’s when we arrived at Gallipoli and pushed the boats away into darkness I’m really scared I didn’t think it would be this bad. I’m taking care of myself trying to save our country and the world by the Germans cause there in fading us. I’m very prepared I’ve been training for this day but it is still so hard for me and i can not wait to come back home so we can live in peace and will not be bothered again after this when we win.

From your loved one jensyn

P.s my great grandfather fought in world war 2 and he was a soldier and the got shot in the heart and could not be saved by the nurse and died


To my dearest family,

I have finally landed in the middle of war

I am really missing you. It is pretty scary and

Yesterday I had my First World War. I almost

Got shot by a bullet luckily I was saved by two girls

Zoe and Ashleigh. Sorry I have to go my next war is in an hour

Bye Miss You!


To my dearest family,

I have finally landed in the middle of war I  am so scary it’s loud I am very dirty I really hope everything is okay back at home. I can see the tanks bullets flying everywhere is is blasting out the over to our enemy. The Germans are so loud they keep yelling they are louder thanks a crying baby!

But I can’t tell you guys how much i miss you can’t wait until come home and see you again.

From Britney


To my dearest family

I have finally made the trip to the war zone

I am about to go fight for you and to save Gallipoli I’m feeling a bit scared and I won’t to come back to you and the kids after the battle. And if I don’t come back I won’t you to know I love you say it to the kids I love you to. I hope I do come back because I have been training for years and I won’t to make worth of it. 

By your dad Rhys love you


11 November 2014


                                 I have finally landed and it was boring and really smelly

Dear mum and dad we are here, we’ve been training all day yesterday but then the game began until 11:00 it finished I got a little bit heart but it is ok I met a lot of new people.  And if I don’t make it I love you all this might take a while to get but fingers crossed i live 

From paige

P.S love you mummy and daddy xx   


TO my dearest family…

i finally landed in the middle of the war. I am missing you guys a lot.we are about to attack and france are our allies they have a lot of respect for us.We are fighting the germans.

we have lots of soldiers fighting with us

by Irtizza



to my dearest family,

i have finally landed in the middle of war we are fighting against Germans they are pretty good nearly all of us died but ad least i’m still alive. I am alright but i nearly got shot i’m fine so i was lucky. We also have a lot of soldiers.

from your dearest daughter connie XOXO


To My Dearest Family,


I’m In  the middle of war but I’m really scared because I can see a lot of bullets flying everywhere and guns in people’s hands but I’ve got this.

 I signed up because I want to save my beautiful country, This is the scariest thing I’ve ever discovered… I nearly got shot but I dodged it.. The country we are fighting with the Germans … But my Friends signed up with me at least I know someone is here with me.  Wish me luck..

Lots of love

Zoe xoxo


dear family

hello family i missed you so much that my eyes have tears now.

I really  want to come back you and the family. Is everyone good and have good education? I feel like coming back to home and im really sad to not see you for a long time also im happy because im helping you and Australia. My wish is you to come and meet me and stay in the wars



 To my dearest family

I have finally landed in the middle of the war and we’re just finished the first week of training. I felt a bit home sick the first night that we were there. It was hard training for the war but I’m here now in the middle of the war



I’ve  finally landed in Gallipoli but the boat was too slow and we made it.In  2-3 days. But my home was feeling sad of me but there feeling proud that I’m in war. It took a long time for doing training.It took about 1-2 months.

From Shahzad Ahmed


To my loved ones……

I have finally landed at the place were the war starts and finishes.My thoughts are I am here now and I am here to for the world to change it to feelings are nervous ,nourish ,alone and spread .I am not sure if I will see you again .the things around me are like every ting has been got blown up or lit on fire.By Abbey

Welcome to Genius Hour!!

“The world needs you to stop being boring!” 

“What will you create that will make the world awesome? Nothing, if you keep sitting there!” 

This is our Genius Hour 

For one hour a week, the students of 4A will be working on their unique Passion Project. They each came up with a topic and an inquiry question and will choose how they will discover the answer and how they will present their findings. They will reflect on their journey by keeping a weekly journal that includes a plan for the next genius hour. At the end of the term, each student will present their Passion Project to the class.

Genius’!! Post below your Passion Project Question. Comment on at least 2 other Passion Project ideas for encouragement!


Miss Arnold.

Mini Ecosystems

4A students had the challenge to create their own miniature ecosystem on a biome of their choosing. The presentation and choice of materials was completely up to the students. I think it’s fair to say that the work produced was absolutely amazing!!! Everyone should be proud. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Haiku Poem


Grade 4A ‘Spring’ Haiku


Spring comes in every year

Spring is a wonderful season

Flowers grow in Spring


Flowers bloom in Spring

Flower petals open up

Next flowers will die


Flowers bright at night

Barbecues are nice in Spring

Trees and leaves are pretty


Pollen buds are awesome

Blooming flowers everywhere

Babies live in caves


Spring is beautiful

Butterflies are amazing

Bees collect pollen


Spring is nice and warm

Nature is too beautiful

Enjoy this season


Our First Post

Hi 4A! Welcome to our class blog.

We will be posting work and news weekly to this website.

You will have opportunities in class to add to our blog. You can also leave positive comments on each post. 

Be sure to show your parents and family the fantastic work you have created!!



Here is a photo of 4A planting Sunflower seeds to grow in a greenhouse for Enviroweek. Soon, they will be planted in the garden beds out the front of our classroom.

photo 5


photo 2[1]