School Captains


To be a School Captain we must show great leadership skills as we are role models to the younger students in the school. We have to make good choices as we are judged on our actions. We attend meetings each week and must follow up with our teachers to complete work that we missed from class. At recess and lunch time we set an example to all students by the way that we play and interact with others. We demonstrate the You Can Do It values of Persistence, Organisation, Resilience and Confidence each day at Lynbrook. It is great to have younger students look up to us and some will aspire to be school leaders in the future. We enjoy the challenge of presenting at school assembly each Monday and it’s a great way to improve our public speaking. This honour of school leadership is an experience we will never forget.

To be a House Leader we need to demonstrate the school values each day. We have to set a great example for our peers and the younger students in the school. We have to be organised and be prepared to help out when required. We have to be confident and speak with a clear voice at assembly. We have far more responsibility as House Leaders and we must make sure that we are reliable, dependable and complete our roles. As House Leaders, we are looked up to by younger students and we can inspire them to be leaders as well. We enjoy visiting all the classrooms to collect the House Points each week. It is important that we get along with all teachers and students. Being a House Leader is a great job at Lynbrook Primary School.

Dolphin Research Ambassadors

Developed by the Dolphin Research Institute, the ‘i sea, i care’ education ambassadors program was introduced to promote the message of  “what lives around our coast is too precious to lose” – particularly the marine treasures found within our local regions of Western Port Bay and Port Phillip Bay.

Lynbrook Primary School began the program in 2014 and has since joined several other schools located within the City of Casey municipality to promote this very special message to their peers and school communities.
The program promotes another wonderful leadership opportunity for Grade 6 students to act as representatives and through working with their co-ambassadors from surrounding schools, students partake in a variety of different opportunities during the year to promote the program. Some adventures this year have included educational field trips to areas of the community in order to learn about specific sustainability issues, peer-teaching students in other year levels and visiting the seals located near French Island.

Sound Captains





The Junior School Council is a student based council made up of students from grades three, four and five. The students apply for positions at the beginning of the year and are selected by their teachers and peers. Once selected the students meet fortnightly and work together to raise money and social awareness for local and international charities. This year the students have raised money for the FKC school in Cambodia, the Royal Children’s Hospital, the RSPCA and the Fight Cancer Foundation by collecting Social Service tins, holding a PJ Day and selling charity wristbands.